Congratulations to Brigitte Laboukly who runs CARE in Vanuatu’s gender equality programs, including the Young Women’s Leadership Program (YWLP).


In recognition of her tremendous power and potential, and her work with young women and girls, Brigitte recently received an Obama leadership award and attended the program in Malaysia. Here is what she had to say about it:

“Today was a day in a lifetime for me. I spent two hours listening to the amazing and inspiring Michelle Obama. The 2nd hour I was fortunate to be one of 12 out of 200 who got to meet her and talk about our country and our work. I spoke for two minutes about my island home and its beauty and the amazing women I have in the YWLP. This opportunity made me start thinking about all the ways we can be leaders and work for those things we hold dear to our hearts. Finally she gave me a hug ? and I feel all is going to be well.”