A young man who had a habit of displaying his private parts to women and girls, got a lesson which he would never forget after he was caught in the act, and was overpowered by male members of the public last week.

An eyewitness who was following two girls to town, along the Municipal Cemetery fence below the Ex-FOL, said it was a normal stroll along the fence until the two girls were startled by the young man who allegedly exposed himself to them.

“The girls quickly called out and attracted the man ahead who turned around and saw the young man as he struggled to button his fly,” the eyewitness said.

Without saying if he also helped in the citizen arrest, the eyewitness confirmed the man was reportedly given a beating he would remember for some time.

He was said to have been a “boxing bag”, with help from security personnel from the Cemetery premises before they called the police who arrived with the “cage” and he was driven away.

While all suspects have their rights, the eyewitness says he understood the frustration of the police with such individuals if they did let loose their frustration once they shut him up from the eyes of the public.

This is not the first time that a young man was caught in the elephant grass on the slope because a similar incident took place in the same area over five years ago.

All girls rushing to school in the morning are advised to travel in groups in such secluded areas and call for help if they are faced with a similar challenge.