The people of Vanuatu are celebrating the legacy left by the country’s first Prime Minister, Father Walter Hadye Lini today, Thursday, February 21.

This year’s celebration is special, it is a 2-day event marking the 20th Anniversary with the theme ‘Celebrating the Lini Legacy with Wisdom in Custom, Church and Politics.’

Several schools in Port Vila took part in a debate program which kickstarted the 20th Anniversary celebrations yesterday.

Four schools have participated in the program. They are; Port Vila International School (PVIS), Malapoa college, Central School and Epauto.

Round One

Epauto (For) – PVIS (Against)

Motion: What makes a good leader.

Round One Winner: PVIS

Round Two

Central School (For) – Malapoa College (Against)

Motion: Leaders who uphold their Culture and Christian Principles are unique and are a force of change.

Round Two Winner: Malapoa College

Final Round

PVIS (For) – Malapoa College (Against)

Motion: Leadership is set as an inspiration of oneself and others.

Final Winner: PVIS

The winner of the debate and the contestants received trophies and certificates for participating.

Chairman of the Lini Day 2019 committee, Charles Lini was pleased of the outcome and acknowledged a former Head of State, Kalkot Mataskelekele for being part of the program yesterday.

Check out the attached program and come over to join the celebration at Saralana Park today, which features Prime Minister Charlot Salwai as the Guest of Honour. Speakers include former Head of State/ Information Officer/Independence Movement Strategist Kalkot Mataskelekele, a former Prime Minister and Secretary General of the Independence Movement Barak Sope and Pastor Seth Regenvanu, Statesman.

Happy Lini Day!