In the month of May we are celebrating the lovely Chloé Rolland! 

Born and raised in Vanuatu, Chloe lives by her favorite quote, “Don’t let anyone dim your sparkle.” Focusing on her family and friends, with a supportive partner by her side, Chloe strives to be the best person she can be by working hard in believing herself and remembering what is important – family, having a good job and being a good person. With a background in accounting and finance, the French speaking island queen expresses her Pacific culture with fashion and is a keen supporter of local fashion designers. Chloe encourages young women who are exploring their style to trust themselves, try the new things you want, and take the time to treat yourself. 


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Chloé Rolland 


25 years old 

Where are you from? Tell us about your family. 

I am from multiple places. My mother is from Vanuatu (Erakor and Banks Island) and my father is French. I was born and raised in Vanuatu. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?  Any hobbies?  

I like to go to the beach and hang out with my friends – Regina and the girls. I am also a family person, so I spend quite a lot of time with my family, and I love to spend time and play with children. I cook to discover different dishes around the world and travel from my kitchen, even if the choice of ingredients is very limited as we are isolated in the pacific.  

What do you study? Do you work?  

I was a student at LFPV here in Port Vila and then left to New Caledonia to complete my Bachelor’s degree in accounting and management. After graduating I came back and worked at AJC as an accountant for 2 years. I am currently working at the Vanuatu Project Management Unit as the Financial Management Officer. 

What do you aspire to do in the future?  

When I was in school, my goal was always to become an accountant so I feel I have reached that goal already. But I want to continue to expand my knowledge and I want to discover new cultures/landscape/lifestyle and travel as much as possible. And I would also like to build a family and raise my children when I feel ready. 

What is a quote that you live by?  

“Don’t let anyone dim your sparkle.” 

I like to use this quote to reflect the challenges I faced as a little girl and a teenager. Even if I am a shy and reserved person, I like to think that I manage to live the life I want by believing in myself and conquer the challenges I am facing in life. 

How would you describe your style?  

I like anything that has a Pacific feel to it and I like to wear clothes that represent our Pacific style. I am a huge fan of my close friends clothing line G&M. My outfits usually depend on my mood and where I am going to be, for instance when I’m at work I choose smart outfits, when I’m at home I choose comfy clothes and when I’m out and about or have an event to attend, I wear my Pacific themed outfits. 

Why do you like fashion? 

I like to represent my origins and show to people what amazing talents we have in the Pacific with a hint of Vanuatu style. With my close friend from G&M we choose different types of style/dress/color and design to impress and show what we Islanders can create. 

Who influences your style? 

My style is very simple, I know what I want and I know what I like. But I do have people around me, like Kiki from G&M, who will give me a slight push to step out of my comfort zone. 

What beauty products do you use?  

I do not use a lot of beauty products, I mainly use hair products to keep my hair healthy, but other than that I use on a daily basis my perfume called Amor Amor, that my dad sends over from France, and on special occasions I will wear lipstick. 

Any fashion tips?  

Trust yourself, don’t be afraid to try the new things you want, and take the time to treat yourself. 

What is the most difficult thing you have had to face?  

One of the things that I find difficult to face and even today is to overcome the judgment of others and believe in myself. 

What does being a woman mean to you?  

Being a woman is complicated to define. For me a woman should be strong and able to overcome any challenges, but also be kind, delicate, gentle, and vulnerable. Being a woman is not always easy and often requires having great and supportive people around, so she can flourish and become the person she is aiming for. 

What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?  

Embrace yourself! When I was younger, I was always very shy and self-conscious but then it came to a point where I realized everyone is beautiful, I am beautiful.

What is your biggest fear? 

Not being good enough and failing. But my friends, family and my partner are very supportive and remind me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. They often remind me that we should not care of other people’s judgment. Your biggest enemy is your own mind. 

What is your greatest accomplishment? 

As I am still a young woman, my humble accomplishment as of today is to have finished my studies and find myself in a comfortable position with my partner. I am also very happy to make my mother and family proud about my job and where I am currently. But for me, the greatest accomplishment of a woman is to give birth, raise kids and give them the tools they will need in their life to be able to accomplish and overcome anything, this is for me, the next step of my story. 

Photographer: Nya Films

Assistants: Sharon Nicholls & Elsie Molou

Nails and Make – Up: Mesika’s Beauty

Location: Bukura


This article was originally published in the May,2023 edition of the Vanuatu Daily Post’s Life and Style magazine.

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