Six Port Vila Municipal Councillors with special responsibilities have resigned from their positions as a protest against the leadership of Lord Mayor Albert Daniel.

They have asked him to either apologise or resign, saying they can no longer serve under his leadership.

The six councillors are:

  • Marie Louise Milne — Green Confederation councillor for Tassiriki/Freshwota Ward and Town Planning Committee Chairlady
  • Jenny Regenvanu — Graon and Jastis Pati councillor for Southern Ward and member of the Finance Committee
  • Joel Langlois — Independent Councillor for Northern Ward and 3rd Deputy Lord Mayor
  • Sebeorah Tabau — Councillor
  • for Anabouru/Melcoffee Ward and 2nd Deputy Lord Mayor
  • Leipanga Manses — Vanuatu Leaders Party councillor for Central Ward and Vice-Chair on Finance Committee
  • Willie Saatearoto — Green Confederation Councilor Councillor for Freshwater/Tassiriki Ward and member of the Town Planning Committee.

This is part of the protest of the move by 11 councillors who demanded the resignation of the Lord Mayor last week.

A reliable source within the PVMC confirmed that the letters by the six councillors were already sent to Mayor Daniel, but so far they have not yet received any response to that as well as their call for him to resign.