A Tanna couple have been rearrested and sent back to jail after allegations that they raped another victim.

Timothy Kavila has already been convicted on a similar offence that he admitted to the court for raping a 20-year-old girl earlier this year with allegations that his wife was another party to the offence.

But the wife denied the allegations distancing herself from the first case where she will stand trial on serious sexual related offences on a date to be set.

Police said that the duo was under bail on the first case but they are now placed behind bars on the second case that is now under investigation.

Allegations surrounding the case revealed that Kavila allegedly raped a 14-year-old girl at Teouma Bridge area around July and August. At all material times she was under his care and protection.

Police confirmed the girl sought refuge at Kavila’s home away from her own home allegedly for a similar issue with her biological father.

The girl has reportedly told police to also arrest her biological father for being the reason she is now a rape victim.

Police said that the victim was allegedly, raped by Kavila on multiple occasions and threatened not to tell anyone what happened to her.

They said that the man’s wife is facing two charges of aiding and abetting with an additional count of act of indecency while Kavila was charged with sexual intercourse without consent, unlawful sexual intercourse with child under care and protection, and threats to kill.

Police confirmed that Kavila is also facing multiple counts of intentional assault and indecent assault.

Police alleged that around July and August this year the victim was raped multiple times by her father’s cousin and his wife.

The victim then reported the matter to the police later and the couple were arrested and remanded.

During police caution, it was alleged that Kavila admitted the allegation but said that he was drunk.

The couple’s children are now taken care of by relatives in Teouma Bridge area.

Outside the police station, witnesses said that they heard Kavila asking the victim in Tanna language to forgive him.