A respected doctor who asked for anonymity has called on the Vila Central Management Team to break its silence on an alleged sexual harassment report on a recent Daily Post front page article, to assure the public that the alleged sexual harassment report on an eye patient, has been dealt with and future patients need not be afraid to seek eye treatment at the hospital again.

According to the article, the complainant had her eye examined and was leaving when the officer said he wanted to ask her “something”.

In her letter of complainant to the hospital as well as the Ministry of Health, the complainant said that was when he asked her for sexual favour which she refused.

In the latest complaint by the doctor, he says the public have a right to be assured that the alleged culprit has been removed.

“The hospital is an institution of assurance for those who are ill and the VCH Authorities must act to make sure that if the complaint is true then the officer must be removed from his workplace”, says the doctor.

“He cannot continue to be employed there as he is a risk to the female patients if the complaint is proven to be true”.

Meanwhile the angry partner of the complainant has called Daily Post to confirm the officer was still working the last time he visited his workplace.