Quick thinking and action by the Minister of Health, Jerome Ludvaune, saved a young woman from more serious harm during his visit to Nabauk village above Luganville town on Santo this week.

The Minister and his delegation arrived at the village and were welcomed by loud wailing from inside a nearby house.

The wailing from a woman continued for several minutes and showed she was in great pain. While members of his delegation were waiting for the welcome party from the village, the Minster obviously concerned about the woman moved closer to the house where the crying was coming from.

He sat down not very far from the house and after being convinced the person inside was in grave danger because he could hear that the person was being struck with something like a wood, he called to his support entourage from Sanma Provincial and Rural Health Office to get the door open.

When a man inside the house opened the door after being instructed by the support team, a young woman ran out of the house where her partner had locked the door and repeatedly beating her with a stick. She was bloodied all over in the mouth and she had stick marks all over her arms and body from the beating.

The Minister instructed his staff from Sanma Rural Health Service and they rushed the woman to the Northern District for medical treatment.

Acting Medical Superintendent for NDH, Dr. Basil Leodoro, confirmed the woman was seen at the hospital, and treated for soft tissue injuries and released. He added that as in their normal process with domestic violence, they made a report on the case to the Police Family Protection Unit.

Minister Ludvaune appealed to the village chief, Abraham Ingalal John, to deal with the domestic violence case to resolve the matter so that it did not happen again.

He said he was saddened to see such a case of domestic violence because this is the 21st century and such attitudes belonged in the 1950s and not today when men should have more respect and tolerance for women.