Team Leader at Live & Learn Vanuatu, Glarinda Andre


Live and Learn Vanuatu has secured backing from the European Union (EU) for the implementation of a project centered on Strengthening Nature-based Agriculture in Vanuatu, with a particular focus on enhancing women’s involvement in agriculture.

The program is called, “Strengthening Nature-based Agriculture in Vanuatu: Strengthening Women in Agriculture.”

Glarinda Andre, Team Leader at Live and Learn Vanuatu, revealed that the program spans 30 months and is designed for women and young girls across various regions, including North Efate Nguna, Pele, Emau, and select communities in West Gaua.

Andre elaborated on the program’s three main components: “Firstly, we’re concentrating on capacity building for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that have collaborated with Live and Learn for an extended period.

This includes establishing women farmer groups in various areas.”

She continued, “The second component involves sharing stories related to nature-based agriculture to enhance the agricultural business skills of women and young girls. The third element pertains to a recent forum aimed at women in agriculture and the productive sector.

This event served as a platform for sharing experiences, addressing challenges, and generating solutions.”

The forum, which took place at Live and Learn’s premises on Thursday last week sought to extract valuable insights from women in agriculture and the productive sector.

Mrs. Andre noted that the collected information would be shared with the government and other partners, as well as private sector entities, to empower women within diverse spaces of the productive sector.

Andre highlighted the importance of inclusivity and gender parity within the sector, as well as the need to integrate girls and women into agriculture and foster their active participation. She noted the significance of eco-friendly approaches, especially in light of the threat posed by conventional farming techniques to the environment.

“The program’s goal is to extend its reach across Vanuatu, bolstering the engagement of women and young girls in the productive sector, particularly in the realm of nature-based agriculture,” Andre concluded.

The initiative also takes into consideration women and young girls with disabilities, ensuring that the resources created cater to the diverse target audience’s needs.