Fijian clothes designer, Alesi Naituivau, told the Daily Post that she hopes to open a factory and a shop in Vanuatu.

The designer, who won an award for children’s fashion in Fiji, told the Daily Post she intends to design dresses using local materials such as coconut and sea shells.

Naituivau also recounted how she been longing to work as a fashion designer for a long time, but had neglected her passion because of jobs in Fijian newspaper and printing companies.

“I had this talent with me for 30 years – wasted, gone.”

Only more recently, she began to pursue her fashion design ambitions, after encouragement from her partner.

Now, she says, she wants to make sure the potential of Vanuatu’s natural resources to inspire fashion doesn’t go to waste.

She remarks currently many designers in Vanuatu “don’t have the idea of making use of the shells from the sea which they have”.

Naituivau thinks her business venture in Vanuatu might eventually create up to 5 jobs for local clothing makers, to whom she says she will offer free training. READ MORE