Miss Solange Taut. (supplied)

The first ni-Vanuatu student that will be majoring in Aeronautics engineering and space studies has been accepted to study at the at Isae Supaero in Toulouse, France, for three years.

While this comes as a new profession for the country, it is a milestone to see youths taking up their interests to a higher level, more importantly a driving force for other students to participate in such fields as well.

Miss Solange Taut who comes from the island of Malekula, Vinmavis village, attended kindergarten at the Anamburu French Primary School and later on to Year 9-14 at the Lycee LAB.

Taut said that she was accepted after attending a preparatory class at the University of New Caledonia from February 2019 to June this year.

She stated that this year, in March, May and June, she passed her ‘concours’ to confirm her acceptance into any engineering school she wishes to attend.

With the acceptance letter to undertake her study in France, in September this year, Miss Taut mentioned that one challenge she faces is financial assistance to attend her studies in France.

“One of my classmates assisted me in informing her parents of my acceptance at the Isae Supaero, which caused them to find two companies in New Caledonia to assist my programs.

“It is a big school and expensive as well.

“With the companies approving financial assistance, it will cater for my plane ticket, lodging, allowance etc.”

Miss Taut is currently in New Caledonia. She commented that she has always wanted to become a pilot however whilst in Vanuatu, she was offered only English courses in Fiji where she turned the opportunity down and attended CUPGE (Cycle Universitaire Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles.

She successfully completed her pilot course this year and was accepted to attend four universities that also offered pilot programs including Isae Supaero, a National Higher French Institute for Aeronautics and Space programs.

“It was then I decided to attend the prestigious space school in France.

“After few researches on the school and how it had produced a lot of French astronauts, I decided to attend the program.

“I researched the programs that were offered within the course and I was moved to further learned more especially how they conduct simulation programs on life on other planet such as Mars.

“I have a diploma for my pilot programs which I can apply to airline companies however for now, I am interested in what Isae Supaero has to offer.

Raised by a single mother when her father died, when she was 12 years old, Miss Taut said her mum had committed so much towards her studies over the years.

She encouraged all young boys and girls to not take their parents hard work and sacrifices for granted but to step up and work hard towards their dreams.

“Each one has a dream to accomplish whether in agriculture, medicine, sports, and many more. The important thing is that once you have a dream, you have to take your stand and step up to achieve your dream.

“To all girls, never underestimate yourselves. Anyone can become someone one day.

“Always put God first in everything you do. Through him you can achieve anything and move further. I can shout out to the world that God has indeed providing me the daily blessings and I am grateful to him. I would like to end my interview by sharing these two quotes from the bible in Joshua 1:9 and First Timothy 4:12.”

Miss Taut will be studying for three years and hopefully may stay longer for internship programs.

Miss Taut further extended her uttermost gratitude to all her teachers in Vanuatu, and her mum for the opportunity to represent the country in such big school.

She acknowledged as well both companies for their financial assistance in making this opportunity available.

“I hope many young people will find motivation and inspiration as well with such opportunity provided to me.

“I will take our beautiful Vanuatu to space with God always by my side,” Miss Taut said.