Independent candidate Doresday Kenneth Lui falls into her own category as the latest female voice that rings with professionalism, self-confidence and wisdom as her voice sails up the slope at Ohlen Freshwind, to assure all voters but in particular women, to elect their first female Member of Parliament (MP) in this Snap Election on October 13.

“We need to go back to the Preamble of the Constitution to re-equip ourselves with our Faith in God, Melanesian Values and Christian Principles, which were the focus of the original Leaders of the Independence struggle,” she said.

Her message is short and to the point as she says, “In order for us to walk in those principles, we need to have leaders who not only believe in those principles but also walk the talk of those principles and only then, will the foundation be firm.

“And only then can we confirm that the Almighty God gave that wisdom to our Forefathers to word our Nation’s Motto of ‘Long God Yumi Stanap”.

The candidate does not mince her words saying, “Secondly, a female voice has been absent from the Red Roof for far too long now. Yes, we need our women’s voices in Parliament in order to confirm that gender balance is alive and well on the floor of Parliament.

“It is my prayer that female candidates will make it to Parliament to ensure a balance in debates and discussions on the floor of Parliament.”

The outspoken candidate from Malekula is a university graduate and a veteran former public servant who challenged the Government in court for wrongful termination from her post as Director General (DG) of Justice and won.