The former Napangasale Junior Secondary school principal’s case has been committed to the Supreme Court.

On Friday last week, John Richard William had to rush to the court after a late call that the Magistrate Court could not drag the case further.

Magistrate Gibeon Nimbwen ordered Mr William to stand trial for plea on July 2, 2019 in the Supreme Court at Dumbea.

Attempts to commit the matter in the past failed, pending the police investigations but it was finally committed on Friday.

Mr William is facing three counts of sexual intercourse without consent contrary to section 90 and 91 of the Penal Code Act [CAP 135] and one alternative charge of sexual intercourse with a child under care and protection against section 96 (1) (b).

Court affidavits revealed that the victim failed her year 10 exams after being affected by what happened to her during the weeks of studying prior to the examination week.

The Prosecution office alleged the victim was a boarding student but some weeks before the exams, the principal told her to take her belongings and move to his house for a better study environment.

They alleged that early one morning when the victim woke up, lit a candle and was studying when William came into the room and told her to follow him.

She refused and the principal allegedly held her arms and pulled her into his room, blocked her mouth, removed her clothes and raped her.

The prosecution said that the following the incident that happened on a Saturday, days before she sat the final exams.

William allegedly approached her again and told her to follow him but she refused so he gave her VT500 and pulled her forcefully in his bedroom and raped her.

He told her not to tell anyone about what was happening between them.

It was alleged that the after the final exams, the victim was sleeping in her room at night when the defendant went again and woke her up and took her to his room and raped her again.

The prosecution alleged that after those incidents, the principal offered to train the victim to become the school bursar but the victim’s family had turned down the offer.

The principal called her to go and pick her belongings in the house in which she sent her brother.

The victim in her statement said that sometimes later she felt sick and realized that she was pregnant.

She called William and told him about her pregnancy and that he was the father of the baby.

She said the principal threatened to send ‘devils’ to kill the baby and some weeks later she had a miscarriage.

She alleged that after that, the principal called her to go and see him at Napangasale but she refused, claiming that William will force her for sex again if she goes.

Prosecution told Daily Post earlier this year that the same principal was allegedly involved in other similar cases which are yet under investigation.

William’s bail has been extended under the same conditions.