Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister responsible for Police and other departments under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ishmael Kalsakau, recently signed an Order to amend the Police Rule schedule.

This change, that came into effect on October 16, is done to the requirement to the height of new police recruits for both young men and women.

The new required height for men is 1 metre and 80 centimetres and for women is a height of 1 metre and 70 centimetres.

While this change has been published in the Official Gazette, Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Mr Ravei Taiwia, has also confirmed that the changes have come into effect.

This change was made one week before the latest police recruit deadline last week.

Applications for the next intake will be open around November, Mr Taiwia said.

While there may not be many young men and women in those height range in Vanuatu, the Chairman of the Police Service Commission says young men and women with those heights can be found.“If there are 1,000 applicants, there have to be some of these applicants with those heights requirements among them,” he said.

SOURCE: Vanuatu Daily Post