MP Assang during the opening ceremony of the First Ordinary Session of Parliament this week.

The Magistrates’ Court in Port Vila has issued a committal order on Tuesday this week against the Third Deputy Speaker of the national parliament, Sanick Asang to appear in the Supreme Court at Dumbea on the 1st of June.

Asang is facing two counts of charges of domestic violence, contrary to the Family Protection Act and failure to comply with and observe the law which is contrary to section 19 and 13 (1)(a) of the Leadership Code Act [CAP 240].

Senior Magistrate Beverly Kanas Joshua found that there is prima facie case for the Member of Parliament of Malekula constituency to answer in Supreme Court.

”Having considered the materials presented to me today, relating to the above-mentioned charges in the above case, this confirms that there is a prima facie case disclosed.

“Accordingly, this court authorizes the laying of the proposed information against the accused, Sanick Assang and he is hereby committed to the Supreme Court for trial upon such information,” said the Senior Magistrate.

Asang is now scheduled to appear in Supreme Court for plea on the 1st of June.

The other member of parliament of Malekula and current minister of Justice, Esmon Saimon is also scheduled to appear for preliminary inquiry in Magistrate Court on the 3rd of June. Saimon is facing charges of police obstruction and alleged failure to comply with traffic laws.