husbandmadewidowerAniel Mensur — husband of Marcellyn Mensur, the mother of three who was involved in a fatal accident on Erakor road continues to mourn the death of his wife and the mother of his children.

In an exclusive interview with Mr Mensur and his family members he confirmed that his wife was eight-months pregnant and he was also in the bus returning from their check-up at Vila Central Hospital.

Mr Mensur, who was in the red Hyundai bus, and sustained injuries from the horrific accident was still in a massive state of shock and at the same time haplessly trying to comprehend the mere facts that were laid before him.

Zilo Bong, Mrs Mensur’s brother-in-law then spoke on behalf of the distraught husband who had lost both his wife and unborn son.

“He came from the island last week and took his wife to get a check-up at the hospital and on his way back that is when it happened.

“They came from Malekula just to check up and they wanted the baby delivered here in Vila and she had one month left until the due date,” he explained.

Mr Bong also mentioned that he was furious at the fact that more attention was directed to the recovery of the tourism industry and the safety of the tourists than the lives that were lost. READ MORE