I will get up and fight today. Life is sometimes impossible. When you have health, you don’t have money and when you have wealth, you don’t have health. Such was my struggle. I have been always healthy and loved to travel.

Then after my tragic divorce, my body just grew weak. It was not the loss of the man who had mercilessly betrayed me but the hurt in my mind about the broken trust. Overtime I tried to heal. But the trauma was hidden deep underneath my skin somewhere. Time and time again flashes of past betrayal stood in front of me and in between of me and my new relationship. Also I felt my body was giving up on me. Each morning was a battle. Waking up was a battle.

I had resigned from my work and was studying full time. I had so much time on my hands but I preferred to hide in my room and spend time in bed. I just wanted affection. I wanted to feel desired but this was not happening. Today as I woke up, my whole body was fragile. I felt weak. Like there was no strength to carry on. But I decided to wake up, get up and fight life.