Police in Port Vila have identified idle and disorderly behaviour as the most common offence which people were arrested and detained for, between September 1 and 19, 2016.

The Police Media Unit reported that within the first 19 days of this month 53 people were arrested for at least 46 incidents that were reported and attended by Police.

Most of the arrests of idle and disorderly persons were made in public places, especially during weekends.

Recorded offences that were committed places idle and disorderly as the most common offence with 14 cases, followed by intentional assaults (8), rape cases (8), thefts (8), sexual intercourse without consent (7), trespass (4), threats to kill (4), damage to property (4), traffic incidents(3), possession of drugs (3), domestic violence (2), attempted Rape (1), breach of court order (1), and obstructing police officer on duty (1).

Some of the arrested suspects committed more than one offence which contributed to a total of 80 offenses. READ MORE