Vanuatu football federation referee Delphine Joel proudly represented Vanuatu in the second semi final of the OFC Women’s Nations Cup 2022 between Fiji and Solomons at the HFC Bank Stadium in Suva on Wednesday night.

This match saw the host side Fiji beat Solomon 3-1 and Joel took control of the match and her decisions and actions were highly praised by both team fans and officials.

Ms. Joel looked calm and confident as she marches out of the tunnel with her assistant referees and from the first half she was on fire with her decision making and was always looking collected when making each decision for the respective teams.

Even though she could feel some pressure from fans on the grandstand Ms.Joel remains adamant with all her decisions on the field of play.

Even though Vanuatu football women’s team exited the tournament early Delvin represented Vanuatu with so much pride last night which saw fans and officials from both the teams applauding her fair decision on the field.

Vanuatu Football Federation praised her performance.It is the first time after few years for VFF to have a women match official officiating OFC matches and VFF is happy on Joel’s achievement.

Fiji women will now play PNG in the OFC Women’s Nations Cup 2022 final tomorrow.