Kiki painting

Local artist Alvaro Sumaki Kuautonga has been awarded a prestigious DEEP Fund award to undertake Our Ocean, Our Identity, a seven-month project that is being co-led by Kuautonga in Vanuatu, Lloyd Newton in Solomon Islands and Pax Jakupa in Papua New Guinea.

Each artist is holding workshops with women to explore emotional bonds with the ocean and co-design large public murals that communicate the need to protect the sea.

The murals will brighten the streets of Port Vila, Honiara and Port Moresby, and express the importance of the ocean to women in Melanesia.

Youth with an interest in art are also receiving training and will assist will the production and painting of the mural.

Funding for the project was made possible by One Ocean Hub, a five-year international research programme that focuses on inclusive ocean governance and sustainability in Africa and the South Pacific.