A man that was accused by his partner for domestic violence against their baby son and her as well as other acts of immorality, has been found not guilty of all charges against him.

The accused, Mr Chu Van, had faced three counts of domestic violence in the first three charges, one count of intentional assault in the fourth charge and two counts of sexual intercourse without consent in the fifth and sixth charges.

He pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him.

The man’s partner, Manuela Karten, had alleged that her partner had slapped their young baby son and holding him upside down.

The partner also alleged that he punched her three times in the stomach.

She further accused her partner of sexual intercourse without consent.

The Prosecution’s case relied on one witness, Mr Chu Van’s partner, Ms Manuel Karten.

It was Justice Gustaaf Andrée Wiltens’ opinion that Ms Karten was a very poor witness, such that she had no credibility.

There was no other evidence to take into account, the Supreme Court Judge said in his findings.

Charges 2, 3, 5 and 6 were then returned verdicts of not guilty by the Judge.

The accused then gave evidence in relation to charges 1 and 4 against him and the Court accepted his explanation that he did not punch Ms Karten nor did he assault their baby son.

Mr Van had told the court that his partner had forgot to burp the baby after breast feeding, so he did that and then put the baby down and rolled him onto his side so that there was no possibility of choking.

In the course of doing this, the accused patted the baby’s back, which was the only aspect of assault that he accepted.

It was the Court’s opinion that such conduct was not criminal.

The Judge then returned not guilty verdicts for Charges 1 and 4.