With the development of digital technologies and social media networks, it is now possible for activists and unions to communicate to a much wider audience and at greater speed than ever before.

This means that they now have access to a much bigger platform on which to conduct campaigns not only locally, but regionally and internationally.

This was one of the important outcomes of the week-long workshop organized by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) which brought together journalists and media representatives from six Pacific Region countries and has ended yesterday.

By the end of the workshop, the participants were able to create their own campaign goals and campaign objectives, all relating to the rights for journalists.

They have created timeframes by which they are expected to meet their targets by and their overall aim is to see these campaign trails are implemented.

With the digital campaigning skills gained during the workshop, the journalists use digital tools such as facebook, twitter and hashtag as the medium to relay their campaign’s key messages.

The workshop has also enabled journalists to broaden their knowledge on their rights. Participants have admitted that they have never thought about their own rights, but were always focusing on promoting the rights of others.

IFJ Asia-Pacific works with national journalists’ unions and associations to improve the working conditions of journalists and the quality of journalism through training programs and advocacy campaigns in defence of media-related rights.

These rights include: The right to safety and decent working condition. The right to freedom of expression. The right to a free media. The right to access information. The right to free association. The right to justice and fair legal proceedings.

IFJ Asia-Pacific runs international campaigns on journalists’ safety, press freedom, public service values, editorial independence, ethics, gender equality, children’s rights, tolerance and decent working conditions.