Fes taem wea wan woman hemi gat bel, hemi harem fulap toktok long saed blong birth. I no gat fulap toktok long saed blong breastfeeding. I gat fulap fes taem mama wea hemi ting se breastfeeding hemi esi blong makem, bae I gat some mama wea hemi finem se hemi difficult smol.


WINGS Vanuatu hemi wan organization wea hemi believe se evri woman hemi wantem se pikinini blong hemi gat wan gudfala laef. Wan gudfala laef hemi start taem wan bebe hemi born mo melek blong titi hemi wan gudfala way blong startem wan gudfala laef! Melek blong Titi hemi gud bitim eni narafala kaen melek. Melek blong Titi hemi gat benefits blong mama mo benefits blong bebe.

Breastfeeding Benefits blong Mama

Melek Blong Titi hemi moa isi from se:

  • Hemi redi oltaem.
  • Hemi klin oltaem.
  • Hemi sef oltaem.
  • Mo hemi fri oltaem.

Taem Mama i givem Titi hemi blokem plante sik blong ol woman olsem:

  • Cancer blong Ovaries mo Cancer blong titi.
  • Hemi mekem se basket blong pikinini I go bak lo stret saes blong hem.
  • Hemi giv han blong mama I lusem weight.
  • Hemi mekem se mama mo bebe blong hem I save gud tufala mo tufala I stap strong.


Breastfeeding Benefits blong Bebe

Melek blong Titi hemi protektem bodi blong bebe:

  • olsem hemi blokem sik blong sot win.
  • sik blong suga.
  • sitsit wota mo fulap ol narafala “allergies”.
  • Mo ol bebe wea hemi stap titi lo mama, hemia bae I no save gat tumas sik blong sorae I soa.

Ol bebe we I titi:

  • Oli save stap kwaet kwik taem moa, taem mama I givim I titi long hem.
  • Oli moa smat lo skul wok blong olgeta.
  • Oli save winim moa mani taem oli gro ap blong kam big man.


Breastfeeding tips blong ol Mama

  • Givim titi long bebe long fes haoa (1st hour) blong laef blong hem blong mekem wan strong “Bond”.
  • Givim Titi nomo long fes 6 manis.
  • Long dei wea bebe I kasem 6 manis blong hem, hemi jas save STATEM smolsmol kakae.
  • Mama I mas GO HED blong givem titi I go kasem 2 year blong blokem sik mo mekem hemi gro strong
  • Bebe we hemi titi nomo, hemi no nidim blong dring wota.
  • Hemi tabu blong givim wota, lif aranis o ti lo bebe. Ol kaen dring olsem I NO GAT eni gud samting long hem. Mo I save mekem se bebe hemi kasem plante sik mo go bunbun.
  • Yumi I no save kontrolem taem blong kakae blong bebe. BEBE I MAS KAKAE 10-12 times long wan dei!!!!

Wanem nao “Bonding”?
“Bonding” hemi wan impoten samting we hemi tek ples taem bebe hemi titi. Bambae bebe hemi filim lav, secure, sef mo spesel long han blong mama blong hem. Long same taem, mama too i harem gud. Tugeta I hapi mo satisfy.

Hemi tabu blong sakem “Golden Melek”. Wanem nao “Golden Melek”?

Golden Melek hemi fes (1st) melek blong titi we kala blong hemi yellow, hemi olsem fes stik meresin blong bebe. Hemi olsem GOLD. Mo yumi no mas sakem! Bebe hemi nidim hemia blong hemi strong blong faetem sik. Nem blong hem lo English hemi Colostrum.


The Formula Question…

Wanem nao bae I happen sipos mama I disaed blong givim Formula?

  • Formula I kostem 208,000vatu long wan yia.
  • Yu no save jenjem mix blong formula from se bambae I mekem bebe I kasem sitsit wota mo bae hemi go bunbun hariap. Hemi minim se praes blong 208,000vatu I stap nomo.
  • Taem family I pem formula hemi tekem aot kakae aot long mouth blong ol narafala pikinini long haos.
  • Taem I gat natural disasta, olsem cyclone, naoia I no gat stret kakae blong givim long bebe. Be sipos mama I bin givim titi hemi save fidim evri bebe insaed long haos blong hem wea I gat 4 yias I go daon long TITI NOMO blong bae oli laef mo oli strong.
  • Pauls Milk hemi no stret long bel blong bebe. Hemi no save tekem ples blong melek blong titi o formula.

Remember! Sapos yu save breastfeed, hemi gud! Sapos yu no save, hemi olraet tu! #RespectEachOthersChoices

Yu save finis or no?

Under the Vanuatu Vanuatu Maternity Protection 2011, an employer shall allow a woman employee who is nursing a child 1 hour twice a day during her working hours for this purpose, until the child reaches the age of 24 months. The two daily nursing breaks shall be counted as working hours and shall be remunerated accordingly.

Where an employee is required to work in a building, the employer shall, where necessary, provide and maintain adequate arrangements for the nursing of children of employees at or near the place of work, so far as it shall be practicable in the circumstances of the undertaking.

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This article was originally published in the November edition of the Vanuatu Daily Post Life and Style magazine