Ultimate Fitness (UF) has been operating in Port Vila since 1987. Previously known as the Vanuatu Muscle and Fitness Centre, it has been the number one fitness center for national athletes to train in, including athletes from boxing, judo, tennis and track.

After serving the local community for 30 years and gaining a deep understanding of what people of all ages and skill levels require, UF ‘s professional service have earned the reputation as Vanuatu’s most popular gym.

With a main focus on bodybuilding and general fitness, UF have also taken an innovative approach for ladies’ fitness, providing a range of classes to improve women’s health.


What do ladies want?

Generally, ladies focus on Butt, Abs and Thighs, which is something UF understands very well. Our classes revolve mainly around those 3 muscle groups.

Some of the many exercises are squatting, curtsy lunges, box step ups, leg raises, kettle bell windmills, butt kickbacks etc.


Post Birth Exercise

A common challenge that we see at UF is post birth exercising because of time constraints.

We believe that going “progressively” is the way forward after such a turning point in your life.

Every woman has a different birth experience, and whether it was a natural birth, caesarean, easy or hard labor, we understand it takes time to gently get your body back to shape.

Therefore we recommend you commit yourself to a specific time of 3 days a week to transform your body. Please allow six weeks after birth before you start exercising again.

You only need to set an hour aside to get your body healthy and strong again.

Not only will you start to FEEL good after releasing all those endorphins, you will also start to LOOK good.

Plus it will give you the energy and strength to keep up with your new bub.

Post Birth Exercise Tips

Start by walking for 30 minutes at a medium fast pace. Once you’re comfortable, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the way forward.

TABATA, a type of HIIT, named after a Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata, consists of performing an exercise or activity all out for 20 seconds then resting for 10 seconds, repeating this sequence for a total of 4 minutes.

Here are examples of classic exercises: burpees, squats, reverse lunges, bench dips, incline push-ups, crunches.

If you are still trying to balance the busy life of motherhood and are unable to attend our classes, these exercises can be found online.

Remember to stretch at least for 5 minutes after exercising. Once you complete the above routine comfortably and are getting into the groove of motherhood, you can attend our classes at UF. There are plenty of mothers who come to our classes and can offer support – you are not alone in your post-birth journey!



Dieting is generally everyone’s nightmare, particularly when you are a new mother and all your time is dedicated to taking care of a baby. Sometimes it’s just easier to eat whatever is in front of you rather than preparing a fresh and healthy meal.

Here at UF we tend to make it as easy as 1-2-3.

If you really feel like you don’t have the time to prepare a meal, then just be cautious of your portion sizes.

Or better yet – ask your partner, family, friends or housegirl for help preparing meals – it is important as a new mother that your body is filled with good nutrients.

We recommend cutting your meal portions in 1/2 and adding 3 healthy snacks during the day (mid-morning, mid-afternoon and before bed). This includes a piece of fruit, yoghurt, cereal bar or even a handful of nuts.


Ultimate Fitness offers a variety of classes such as Circuit Training, B.A.T, HIIT, Kettle bell Fusion, Free weights, Pilates, Steps, Stretch and Zumba. We also customize programs for weight loss/ body toning and bodybuilding.

By Cyril Jacobe

Ultimate Fitness’s operating hours are from 5h30am to 8pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and 5h30 am to 7pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. Saturdays are half days from 5h30 am to 12 pm.

Please don’t hesitate to “Like” us on Facebook for more information or E: ultimatefitnessvanua2@gmail.com M: +678 5544817

Get fit and join the fun at Ultimate Fitness!