The Mormon Church in Vanuatu has apologised to the Executive Committee of the Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC) for media reports of a reported “marriage” of a same sex couple at their church sometime last month.

VCC Chairman Pastor Alan Nafuki says his Executive Council held an emergency meeting following the report and summoned the Mormon delegation to be present and asked for an explanation last week.

The Head of the Church was reported to have explained that their church organised the marriage just like any other marriage.

“The church representative who was to perform the marriage ceremony said one of them had a slight show of beard on the face which convinced him that the couple were a groom and bride so they went ahead with the process of marriage,” Chairman Nafuki says he was told.

He says when the truth came out, the church immediately declined to sign and issue a marriage certificate.

“The man who officiated the ceremony did not register the marriage which in effect means that the marriage is null and void,” Pastor Nafuki says he was assured.

“I told the President of the Church that as the sudden report has shocked and embarrassed the Christian churches of Vanuatu, he would stand up in front of everyone to say sorry for what happened because all member churches of VCC do not officiate same sex marriages.”

Pastor Nafuki confirms that the President of the Mormon Church, an American, complied and said sorry for what happened, that it was not deliberate.

“Their President went on to assure VCC that the Mormon Church believes in Jesus Christ and Faith in God,” Pastor Nafuki continues.

“I replied that I did not dispute his faith but what was reported (concerning same sex marriage in his church) as it was shameful to the Republic of Vanuatu.

“I told him that should he want us to be friends, his church was to submit an application to become a member of VCC.

“My Executive would consider the application and decide whether or not to accept it.”

The VCC Chairman says his Executive approved of the apology from the Mormon Church.

Finally he asked if the Mormon Church has organized a reconciliation ceremony with the families involved following the ceremony, and was assured that it was being worked on

SOURCE: Vanuatu Daily Post