Over 30 mothers who are members of the South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) microfinance scheme have designated Thursdays to collectively showcase and sell their products at Simbolo Red Light.

These women, mostly from Simbolo, Anamburu, and surrounding areas, have joined the SPBD initiative with the goal of improving their household living standards.

Vice Chairman of the Anamburu Red Light Committee, Pastor Jeffery Tari, explained that these mothers have availed loans from SPBD, and every Thursday, they gather to both sell their products and make their loan repayments.

This organised event not only builds mutual support among the mothers but also allows the public to view and purchase their products, contributing to the financial well-being of the women and facilitating loan repayments.

The initiative arose from the realisation by the Anamburu Red Light community executives that these mothers possessed numerous products stored in their homes.

Displaying these products publicly enables the community to appreciate the skills and talents of these women while boosting their businesses.

Mrs. Jinette John from the SPBD centre in the area said the products being sold are integral to the loan agreements, serving as the mothers’ primary source of income.

Joining SPBD has proven beneficial in sustaining existing businesses and supporting their families.

Encouraging other struggling mothers to join the scheme, Mrs. John said the SPBD understands the challenges mothers face and provides financial assistance with manageable loan repayment terms.

Pastor Tari added that a notable highlight among the products sold is the soap produced by a member with a disability, using coconut oil and offering a unique variety of colors.