For the first time this week, Vanuatu will be hosting a national clean up day.

The event will coincide with the World Ozone Day and National Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Day. That is on Friday, September 16.

September 16 was designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day for the preservation of the ozone layer.

All over the world, people will gather to spread awareness of the depletion of the ozone layer and search for solutions to preserve it.

Educators usually set aside the day to teach their students about ozone layer and many schools organize special events and activities.

To commemorate these important events, the Department of Environmental Conservation and Protection, in collaboration with the Department of Tourism, Department of Public Works and other stakeholders are hosting the event to highlight a number of issues regarding waste management.

In a statement to announced the event, the Department of Environment said: “The day aims to promote good waste practices and the relationship between health, the environment and long-term sustainable development of Vanuatu.

“It is aligned with the National Sustainable Development Plan, National Environmental Policy and Implementation Plan, the National Waste Management Strategy and the Waste Management Act No.24 of 2014”.

Everywhere in Vanuatu will be involving in clean up activities starting from Wednesday next week to September 20, the department has announced. READ MORE