Planners of Ohlen Open Day

Over 40 mothers and youths from all over Ohlen, who are members of a World Vision initiated project called ‘Waste Not, Want not’, are organising their first ‘Open Day’ in the field behind Freshwind SDA Church, soon.

Spokeswoman Rachel Samana is calling on all members as well as non-members, to come and display their skills to the public by way of cooking those delicious dishes as well as displaying those attractive shirts and dresses they have sewn for sale, while watching competitive Volleyball and Futsal Teams competing for attractive prizes followed by finals on November 30.

This is an opportunity for couples to turn their backs on their busy office work, to enjoy a relaxed day being treated to lunch or supper at Ohlen Open Day.

“Similar organisations to ours at Anabrou and Etas are invited to attend to support us. Members of the public at Ohlen and beyond, are encouraged to take their families to attend our event to enjoy our programmes”, the Spokeswoman says.

“Husbands who wonder what we do when their wives leave home to attend our meetings are also welcome to come with their wallets to spend to support their wives”.

She wishes to invite youth groups from Ohlen and beyond to submit their names to compete in the sports competitions.

The First Prize for the winning team in the Volleyball Competition is Vt10,000, Second Prize is Vt5,000 and Third Prize is 18 kilo bag of rice and 5 kg of chicken.

In the Futsal Competition, the First Prize is Vt20,000. Second Prize – Vt15,000 and Third Prize – 18 kg bag of rice and 5kg of chicken. The fee for each team is Vt1,000.

Parents are assured that skits and other forms of entertainment are to be expected.

Call Vira Kemuel on 5066245 or Helen Dick on 7370969.

Asked if VIPs have been invited, the Spokeswoman says they have invited political leaders including the Leader of Opposition, Ralph Regenvanu, MP Ulrich Sumptoh, Mayor of Port Vila, Eric Festa and Councillor Rose Peter but that none of them have indicated whether or not they would attend. “Time is running out so all of you who received our letter, please respond to our request as soon as possible”, she says.

World Vision is most welcome to attend.

Meanwhile, this Group of Women says they are just as capable as men, and are also talented and economically productive.

Asked if any of them has funded anything to help her husband in the home, their faces light.

They confirm the surprise and joy which light up the faces of their other halves, when they realise their wives are just as capable or even better than they are, to earn money to add improvement to their homes.

The day starts at 9am and ends at 9pm.

Source: Vanuatu Daily Post