The Fondation Suzanne Bastien (FSB) Gallery on Pango road will be opening two exhibitions – “Basket mo Mat” and “Yangfala Artis Blong Tumoro” at 5pm on Wednesday, June 27.

“Basket mo Mat” exhibition is the result of a callout to basket and mat weavers of Vanuatu’s islands to exhibit their work, personally tell the story of their craft and the object’s uses.

The exhibition aims to highlight and celebrate weaving as an artform, showcasing the varied styles of Vanuatu and for the viewer to greater appreciate the maker.


Made by Jalinda

The Fondation, who advocates strongly for environment also sees the timing of this exhibition as a celebration the impending ban on plastic bags in Vanuatu.

FSB Gallery would like to thank TVET Torba, Marguax Hayes, Malampa Handicraft, Sarah Arhlin, VKS and many others for helping with its outreach.

“Yangfala Artis Blong Tumoro” showcases the emerging talents of 6? young artists of Vanuatu. Elizabeth Kaio (Tanna), Raine Kalotiti (Pango, Efate), Deriki Narsong Taleo (Nari Arts, Pango, Efate), Miah & Amelia Lovo (Erromango), Raphael Natuoivi (Futuna), Jean Pierre Niptick (Melekula) and Gideon Arudali exhibit recent works.


Made by Anne Marie Nato

Given there is little art education offered in schools and no government funding for art throughout Vanuatu, the level of emerging talent on exhibit is exciting for the future of art in Vanuatu. Everyone is invited and urged to attend to help support the artists and the gallery to further their arts practice.

Additionally, the gallery will be exhibiting the initial output of it’s current artists in residence Vlad (New Caledonia) and Momo (Rah Island, Banks).

The opening evening will coincide with the Fondation’s monthly fundraising event and will feature art, handicraft, film, kakae, kava and drinks.

Entry is free, everyone is welcome.

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