Senior public servants under the Prime Minister’s Office in suits and ties this week. Photo: PRO Joe Harry Karu

All civil servants are expected to dress formally for work. This is part of an instruction issued by Prime Minister Ishmael Kalsakau earlier this week.

This instruction is also applicable to all political appointees.

“I am instructing that all Appointees under every Ministerial portfolio and Civil servants alike are to adhere to strict Dressing code which consists of a suit and tie within official government working hours,” PM Kalsakau highlighted in a statement.

“By this note, this instruction is to be taken as a new standard bearer on how our government is to better serve this nation.”

This is effective for all departments under the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), and all other government line agencies are expected to follow suit, as per the instruction. Daily Post is informed that anyone entering the premises of PMO is also required to dress formally.

People are being sent away from the PMO compound for not adhering to this dress code.