The Principal of the Central Primary and Secondary School (CPSS), Paul Alex Hetyey has voiced his concern over the persistent lateness and absence of students and staff.

CPSS is one of the leading schools in Vanuatu that has produced some of the country’s current leaders and many more. But it has its share of challenges over the last few years.

The Principal voiced his concern after noticing an escalation of the continuous habit which he said he would no longer tolerate. Mr Alex said it is a longtime issue that has been affecting the school for a couple of years, emphasizing lateness as a leading issue.

He said that such behaviors are becoming a major concern as it is growing rapidly with the number of students.

In regards to student tardiness and absence, he said that such behaviors could derive from parents failing to spent more quality time with their kids.

A concerned Mr. Alex said that while parents attend work, they are not aware of their kids, especially senior students, skipping classes and hiding within few government old properties, near Joint Court and Independence Park, where at most times, students tend to meet up in such areas to involve in unhealthy social habits.

He said recently the number of students coming in late each morning may vary up to over 50. Mr Alex said that time management is very important for both teachers and students.

He said teachers also come in late however they are under the Teachers Service Commission, which means that only TSC can address such issues.

The Principal said that disciplinary actions should be effective and be in place to overcome such critical issues.

He also mentioned sexual harassment which he said has been affecting few students and the school is working to address such unacceptable behaviors.

He said that with the number of challenges faced it is essential for parents and teachers to be partners in addressing the relatively challenges.

Mr. Alex said that sharing concerns is the way forward for an effective solution. He also commented on the growing usage of social media, as students participate more in face to phone conversations rather than face to face.

Alex said that parents should step up in assisting teachers, as teachers are there to teach and not to do counselling for students.

He said that so far, he has opted to introduce an officer to oversee the absent and lateness of students. That way, any students seen outside school boundaries, especially during school hours, will be taken directly to school.

He is calling for support and more cooperation amongst staff, students and parents to continue work hand in hand to address the rising issues.

The principal mentioned few projects the school is looking forward to and is appealing to parents and alumni to come and support one of the country’s best institution.

He said the school has sent out requests but so far none has confirmed participation. Mr. Alex appeals to any interested individual or organization wishing to sign up in any of the school’s project to contact him.