The Team Leader of the Voter Awareness, Communication, and Outreach Committee for the 2024 National Referendum, Fred Vurobaravu, has urged both mainstream media and social media platforms to ensure that they share and put out any information about the referendum in a responsible manner.

He said it is important to educate and inform people accurately.

Mr. Vurobaravu stressed that they would not tolerate any misinformation or confusing information about the referendum being spread through these channels.

He reminded everyone involved in media outlets and social media platforms of their responsibility to ensure that accurate information reaches the public, because they play a very crucial role in ensuring that the citizens understand the referendum, why it is important to participate in it, and how it would affect the country.

The Voter Awareness, Communication, and Outreach Committee held its first meeting yesterday. Vurobaravu explained that their main task is to spread information to all citizens and help them understand how the referendum will impact Vanuatu.

They plan to use various communication platforms to achieve this goal.

This committee will be reporting to the National Coordinating team for the referendum, led by the Director General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Works on the referendum process have also kicked off, following its official launching earlier this week.