On the 24 May 2024 Mr. Kenneth Holiwon was sentenced 9 years and 10 months imprisonment for unlawful sexual intercourse, and  act of indecency with a young person by judge Vincent Lunabek.
The offending began after Holiwin came to have a relationship with the complainants’ mother and he came to live with them on the island of Pentecost.
Holiwon would enter the house of the victim and her grandmother at night. He would open the door of the house and then woke the complainant up and removed her clothing.
Mitigating factors:
  1. Holiwon is a mature man. He do not know or remember his date of birth. He is  from Launu Village on Pentecost Island.
  2. He complete your Year 8 at Mavea School in Santo. He have some training in carpentry and he  assist with building small houses.
  3. This first-time offender with no previous convictions.
  4. He  accepted has has committed the offences as ghe had some rubbish thought or “rabbish tingting” on the complainant.
  5. He knew that his actions were against the law.
  6. He said that he  have performed a custom compensation ceremony with the victim with the payment to the victim of VT40,000 and two (2) Pentecost red mats that worth VT10,000 each given to the victim. He said the victim and her family accepted the custom compensation ceremony and the items exchanged.
Judge have given Holiwon a credit reduction allowance of 4 months for his mitigating factors, and has given him a further credit reduction allowance of 33% for his guilty pleas.
Holiwon have already spent time in pre-custodial period when he was remanded in custody from 11th November 2023 to 6th December 2023. So, he has already spent 3 weeks and 4 days in pre-custodial time. The time he has already spent in custody shall be deducted from his sentence.
The new remaining balance of Holiwon’s sentence is then 7 years 9 months and 5 days imprisonment.
Mr Holiwon, was 36 years old at the time of the alleged offending and he is from the island of Ambrym.
The complainant was under the age of 13 years at the time of the alleged offending. her date of birth was 1st of January 2011.
Disclaimer: All information is compiled from the PACLII Vanuatu database and are able to be accessed by the public online.

By Ezra Toara