Sista is organizing a forum where we connect with women who are raising pikininis without the help of a spouse or a live-in partner. We understand that single mothers are often vulnerable to challenges and hardship when it comes to juggling their workload and nurturing pikininis.
If you are someone who falls under the category of a single mother, please fill out the questionnaire provided. It will only take a few minutes. If you are not a single mother, but know of someone who is, please help us spread the word. Nem wetem infomesen blong yu ba hemi no go aot long public.
We are currently reviewing the Child Maintenance Act 1966 of Vanuatu, to determine its impact and effectiveness on these single mothers who struggle on a daily basis, and whether it amounts to the cost of the standard of living today. With that being said, below is a link to a survey questionnaire that will allow us to better understand the manner of proceedings and enforcement of the act.
Sapos yu wan single mama mo yu wantem serem tingting blong yu long topic ya, plis folem link lo komen seksen.