The Strong Mama program started in 2021 and is implemented by Sista through the support of the FRIDA Fund. The program works with single mothers through a series of creative workshops and retreats to empower women to develop tools to promote positive behaviour, self-care and connection with each other.

For the third cycle of the Strong Mama Program in 2023, Sista collaborated with Penpena Mouri to engage with the Port Vila City Council of Women’s network of single mothers to participate in the program.  The program started and closed with a women’s circle hosted by Tehya Skye Vanuatu, followed by workshops that explored nutrition, meditation and yoga with Ananda Yoga.

The participants learned about nutrition and how to cook healthy meals using local ingredients as a form of self care. Self-care refers to the practices we do intentionally to maintain and enhance our own health and wellbeing. It could be exercise, reading, listening to music, having a massage, hanging out with friends or taking the time to make nutritious food.

The mamas designed the recipes in this booklet and we hope it inspires other mamas to cook nutritious meals, and generate discussions around the importance of healthy eating as a form of self-care.

TANKIO TUMAS to the mama’s who participated in the third cycle of the Strong Mama Program, to Penpena Mouri for partnering with Sista and engaging the Port Vila City Council of Women. And a big shout out to FRIDA Fund for their continuous, generous support.

Check out the Strong Mama Nutrition Booklet on our Sista Library.

Here are some of the photos of our mama’s from the third cohort: