On Tuesday 6th December 2022, Sista partnered with CARE in Vanuatu to facilitate a workshop with young men to open up conversations on resetting gender relations and identities in a way that is healthy, respectful, equitable and non-violent.
We expect it to be the beginning of longer conversations on the journey towards healthy and peaceful communities.
CARE opened the workshop by introducing the topic of gender, and exploring the concept of the ‘gender box’, the difference between gender and sex, and the ‘power walk’ activity. Sista then finished with a self care activity.
What Does Gender Mean?
Gender refers to the social differences between males and females. These determine roles, responsibilities, opportunities, privileges, limitations and expectations – gender definitions can change.
What is the Gender Box?
The gender box are the expectations that society has on men and women based
on our gender. Some of these examples include: men are the head of the household, men are the providers, men are strong,  men don’t cry. And what happens when we don’t live up to these expectations? For men being told ‘not to cry’ – it means they bottle up their feelings and are not comfortable with difficult emotions, which can lead to violence.
For men who are not the breadwinners, they face stigma and are shamed, leading to feelings of unworthiness.
The team at Sista then asked each of the men to anonymously answer this question, “What do you want other men to know about stepping outside the gender box?” – check out some of their answers below.
We hope their answers spark a discussion amongst you all on challenging gender expectations that can limit our potential and expression, and we would like to thank all the men who took part in this workshop for opening their hearts and voices to us.

We look forward to working together to progress gender equality FOR ALL!