killer-vanuatu-etienne-samuelThe prime suspect in the murder of Montmartre student, late Aicha Maccoe has been remanded yesterday by the Magistrates Court, following his arrest on Saturday in South East Malekula.

Etienne John Samuel stood trial for remand yesterday afternoon, unrepresented and charged with one count of premeditated intentional homicide, contrary to section 106 (b) of the Penal Code Act [CAP 135].

He is also facing an additional count of attempted sexual intercourse without consent against 28, 89 (A), 90 and 91 of the Act.

Senior Magistrate Peter Moses granted the application sought by prosecutor Philip Toaliu who say the case is serious and asked that the suspect be placed behind bars pending the completion of the investigation.

Senior Magistrate Moses reminded Etienne that if he wants bail, then he should make an application to the Supreme Court as his court has no jurisdiction to deal with offences of this nature.

He granted the application for remand and ordered the case to resume on November 5, 2018 for Preliminary Inquiry (PI) hearing.

As the normal practice is in every case, the court has to allow 14 working days before any PI hearing to give enough time to the police to complete their investigations.

Prosecutor Toaliu said the information was filed yesterday morning and served to the Public Solicitor’s office but none of them appeared yesterday.

Etienne was charged for allegedly murdering his cousin sister, late Maccoe on October 10, 2018 at the Teouma Garden area before he fled to Malekula.

Etienne, who allegedly used the name Richard in Malekula while running from the authorities was seen being escorted in and out by a high-profile police officers to avoid any physical threat that might harm him during the process.

Meanwhile police media applauded everyone, especially people from Kurumambe village in Tongoa, people of Returr and Vanbaur village in Malekula for helping the police with their investigations.

As a result of their cooperation, Etienne was apprehended and escorted back to Port Vila.

Police ask the members of the public to continue to work closely with the police to keep the society safe at all times.

Police had to escort Etienne from the tarmac to the police station after a big crowd turned up at the airport in Port Vila.

It is believed that the suspect would have been harmed if the police had escorted him through with other passenger arrivals as normal at the terminal.