murder-suspect-vanuatuTHE SUSPECT of the teenage Montmartre student that was allegedly murdered in Teouma Garden was confirmed he is on parole on sexual related offences.

Police confirmed the man with the name John Etienne has fled Port Vila according to their records and is still on the run.

Director of Correctional Services Johnny Jimmy Marango revealed that on records, Etienne was released on parole on December 20, 2016 and was supposed to be under their watch until June 7, 2020.

He stated that was previously sent to prison for one count of sexual intercourse without consent and another count of attempted sexual intercourse without consent.

He said that on they know Etienne of their records as one of the convicts and he lastly reported in their office on October 10, 2018 and asked to be transferred to Malekula – the alleged killing happened sometimes on October 9, 2018 in the morning.

Director Marango said that he turned down the proposal but Etienne proceeded and allegedly caught a flight on the dame day and when to Malekula and breach one of the major conditions that refraining him of leave Efate without permission.

Despite his involvement in the alleged killing, Correctional will recall him back in isolation to complete the rest of his sentence meaning he will be locked up until 2020.

Police sources confirmed that Etienne fled Efate on October 10, 2018 before the investigation found that he is the principal suspect of the alleged murder.

Daily Post investigation has found that Etienne confirmed to the relatives after the dead that he put the victim on the bus on October 9 in the morning.

But other relatives of the victim confirmed that they saw a white Toyota Hiace bus dropped Etienne off with the victim on the junction road towards Eratap. People living in Teouma Garden subdivision (opposite Eratap road) confirmed seeing the duo that morning climbing the dirt road – hours later eyewitnesses confirmed that Etienne was seen walking back down by himself to the main road.

Some of their close relatives were on their way from Teouma back to Vila in the same morning stopped and offered him a lift back to Vila but he refused claiming he will find his own way back home.

Etienne was lastly seen in the morning on October 10, 2018 pretending to pay his last respect to his alleged victim before he vanished.

Reports confirmed that he was on the same flight to Norsup with one of the (likely police) witness that on their way to Malekula, Etienne seemed unstable and kept on asking her how long the flight will last.

Relatives confirmed that Etienne was adopted by a family in Toman Island in Malekula and when he left of October 10, the reason was to go and visit his family.

Etienne is cousin to the victim and their fathers are real cousins. His father is from Tongoa and mother from New Caledonia.

Chief David Richard from Tongoa said that innocent blood shed in Shefa needed to be stopped and they will help police in anyway to bring their own native to justice.

He said that Shepherds chiefs need to start addressing the issue as it has been a concern in the past until today, people are still taking other’s life.

The autopsy ordered by court has been done yesterday and the body was supposed to be returned to the relatives sometimes this week for burial.