Police investigations are underway after a female student of Montmartre Secondary School was found dead at the Teouma Garden area yesterday afternoon.

An elderly woman who resides at Etas was out looking for firewood with three of her grandchildren when she discovered the body of the girl in the bush, approximately five meters away from the dirt road.

The grandmother called out to her grandchildren who were waiting for her to go and alert the residents nearby.

Police suspect foul play because there were cuts on the back of the deceased’s head, and blood on her body and a nearby pawpaw tree where her body was discovered.

The deceased’s school bag was lying some 15 metres away from her body and she was bare feet. Her school bag, with her exercise books in it was ripped open, indicating signs of a struggle.

Teouma Garden residents who were present at the scene confirmed traces of struggle at the scene.

Police said there is no sign that she was sexually assaulted but did not rule out the possibility that she was trying to avoid something similar when she was allegedly killed.

They suspected the girl was attacked sometimes yesterday morning. While her body was found less than 100 metres from the nearest house, none of the residents reported hearing anything suspicious yesterday morning.

Police investigations continue, residents and leaders of Etas and Teouma Garden are advised to report any suspicious information that could lead to the death of the young student.

As of yesterday afternoon, no information related to the victim could be released because no one in the surrounding area could identify the body.

The alleged murder of the Montmartre student is the second alleged murder case close to the area this year, within five months. In April this year, a six-year-old Tannese girl was allegedly murdered at Etas area.

This is the second death involving a female student of Montmartre Secondary School. In 2013, Angeline Tari was discovered dead at La Colin Subdivision. The suspect in her case was acquitted from all the charges laid against him.