“The Power of Creative Writing and Rhetorical Alliance: Ni-Vanuatu Women’s Voices – Research Findings”

Presentation of the Research Project “Sado – a Novel and Expressions of Creativity and Rhetorical Alliance: Ni-Vanuatu Women’s Voices” at Vanuatu Cultural Center on Tuesday 9th July at 5:30pm.


Long 2012 kasem 2016 Mikaela Nyman hemi bin stap long Port Vila. Long 2016 kasem 2019 hemi bin raetem storian (Sado – a novel) mo mekem research long creative writing long Vanuatu, mo pawa blong poetri blong Grace Mera Molisa mo Mildred Sope. Long research ia, Mikaela wok tugeta wetem ol woman writer blong Vanuatu mo Solomon Islands. Long toktok ia bae hemi presentem pawa blong poetri mo “rhetorical alliance” – fasin blong manajem gud wan kollaboresen we i krosem ol borders.

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