Titan FX, Vanuatu’s fintech leader, recently welcomed two interns sent by CARE and Sista to its Port Vila headquarters.

The positive experience reinforced these young women’s desire to build a career in Vanuatu’s fledgling knowledge industry.

The two were among 10 promising candidates chosen for the internship component of the Young Women’s Leadership Program initiated by CARE and Sista. These two Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are dedicated to empowering young women to participate in the workforce and to supporting women leaders. Their program allows selected candidates to experience a real-life work environment while bringing new perspectives to the host organizations.

For Lydia Manuake, who calls both Emae Island and Kiribati home, the biggest takeaway was increased confidence.

“Titan FX is a place where women can feel empowered and everyone is treated fairly,” Ms Manuake said. “I gained so much knowledge and lost my fear of public speaking. They helped me overcome my shyness through constructive, supportive teamwork.”

As a BComm. student at the University of South Pacific (USP), Manuake found the 100-level business management courses challenging after switching from a science program at Malapoa College. She persisted, except for a momentary return to the workforce to support her family. She successfully applied to the Young Women’s Leadership Program initiated by CARE and Sista and learned all about the world of regulatory compliance with Titan FX.

“I had no idea what compliance was all about but I made myself available and open to learn. They took the time to educate me and when my internship was over, I managed to resolve a good number of compliance cases, using online customer verification tools I had never heard about,” Manuake added.

Now, Manuake is more determined than ever to complete her studies and to build a professional career in the tertiary sector. And she intends to motivate others to follow in her footsteps.

“Working at Titan FX was my biggest blessing and I hope that my friends and family members who are still in college or at uni can experience it too,” she added.

Lydia’s co-intern was Babra Nikahi, of Futuna. Ms Nikahi also says that her experience at Titan FX was a huge confidence boost. She was invited to join their finance team, where they let her try her hand at every possible task.

“They were supportive, collaborative, open-minded and took the time to make sure I understood all my tasks and deadlines,” Nikahi said. “I developed practical skills in finance, leadership, project management and communication.”

Like many Port Vila residents, she knew Titan FX was located in that shiny, modern office building… but she wasn’t sure what happened there. During her internship, she learned that besides its core business as an online financial broker serving traders overseas, Titan FX was a highly responsible corporate member of society.

“The company gives so much back to the community and has helped so many Ni-Van women and men achieve their dreams,” Nikahi said.

“I hope to build a career in accounting and I believe the skills I acquired at Titan FX will greatly help me achieve this goal.”