The Vanuatu Surfing Association (VSA) is excited to announce its collaboration with Matai Kaluatman and the Pango Village community in the inception of its VSA Lighthouse project.

After 5 years of ongoing activities, training and mentoring of the young Ni-vanuatu surfers, the VSA has entered into an MOU with land-owner and chief of Pango community to establish its base camp, the “VSA Lighthouse”.

Support from Land owner Matai Kaluatman and Chief of Pango community Roland Kaluatman made it possible with the signing of the MOU taking place at Chief’s house on Tuesday 15 November 2016.

President Stephanie Mahuk commented that “the VSA considers this to be a critical advancement in supporting youth and sports in the field of surfing and wave water sports. It is a corner stone for VSA as the association has shown commitment in reaching its endeavours in introducing and promoting a healthy wholesome recreational activity for the young people of Pango and broader Vanuatu surfing community.

We will now have a shelter to store the boards and equipment of the association and run our daily operations and calendar of events. In 2017 and for the first time ever, VSA will hold an international pro-junior event hosting a full week of surfing competitions and demonstrations for what we envisage will become an annual “Leimalo Vanuatu Surfest”. None of this would have been possible without ongoing support from the Pango community.”

Over the negotiations with land owner Matai, he conveyed the wise words of its late grandfather who witnessed the first surfers ever in Pango decades ago and told him that “surf will change the face of the village and its community one day”.

As an introduction to the signing ceremony, Chief Roland indicated his enthusiasm towards the project that will create jobs and an income for the young surfers managing the association’s activities and the premises.

Implementation of the VSA Lighthouse will come together with a refit of the whole area going from the mamas market to the beach front, with proper signage for orientation and safety in ocean and surf practice. Chief Roland commented that “we want the area to be a tourism friendly model and bridge the gap between local community and visitors.”

VSA will soon communicate its upcoming Leimalo Vanuatu Surfest scheduled for Easter 2017 and commits to complete the VSA Lighthouse premises during the summer school break.

For more information about VSA, visit the association Facebook page or go see them on the beach at pango at high tides times.