Ajah Lolo in action. Photo: VASANOC


Ajah Lolo has set a strong platform for Ni-Vanuatu women who wish to participate in the sport of weightlifting.

Lolo creates history for Vanuatu weightlifting by not only being the first female lifter for Vanuatu but finishing in the top 10 place in the 2022 Commonwealth Games and setting her new personal best in the women’s 87kg finishing strong with 100kg clean and jerk lift collecting a total lift of 178kg.

This is the first time for Vanuatu to be represented at the Commonwealth and for the women’s category is a massive achievement for the sport and Lolo had the opportunity to fly Vanuatu’s flag.

Vanuatu weightlifting president William William Worworkon commended her achievement.

“For the VWF to even just qualify was already a huge achievement for us. Having Lolo compete at these Comm games is history in the making for both VWF and very importantly our Female lifters.

“We have had male lifters attend regional games in the past but Lolo is our first lifter appearing on an international stage including comm games as well as the first ever female lifter,” said Worworkon.

Despite the COVID lockdown Lolo still makes it into top 10.

“Regardless of the very limited facilities and time we had to prepare for these games due to COVID-19, I am a very proud president for our Lolo’s achievement.

“I sincerely want to thank her for flying the Vanuatu flag at this international event especially when Vanuatu is also celebrating its 42 year anniversary.

“A huge thank you to Coach Simone for all her tireless efforts in coaching Lolo, VASANOC, Vanuatu Government and all the supporters out there who have contributed in a way or another to make this dream come true,” he added.

Mr. Worworkon encourages young women to take part in the sport.

“Women and girls in Vanuatu have proven to be very capable in Sports, therefore I am encouraging all girls to come and have a try of weightlifting and join our sport.”