Solwota Sista was founded in July 2016 by young women of the Vanuatu Surfing Association to promote women’s development in Vanuatu.

In just four months, Solwota Sista has engaged over 100 participants from around Efate in surf and surf based programs.

Solwota Sista’s mission is to help the women and girls of Vanuatu experience and access surfing, surf and non surf related skill development opportunities and to inspire strength and confidence to all women and girls who participate in surfing.

Its vision is to create a safe and inclusive community of women and girls around Vanuatu who have a special connection to the ocean and each other through surfing and are committed to gender equality and safeguarding the environment.

Solwota Sista is guided by five key values- equality, respect, helping hands, communication and working together.

You can read their progress report from July – October 2016 right here:  solwota-sista-progress-report.

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