womenislandcricketOctober 12, 2016 will mark the grand competition of Vanuatu Cricket Association’s (VCA) Women’s Island Cricket (WIC) NCDs Cup.

This is the second NCDs Cup activity.

Pango Club versus Seaside Club Round 1 will open the NCDs Cup competition at 9.00am, and at 1.30pm Ifira Club compete against Erakor Club (Mele on Bye), both at the Kazaa Cricket Field.

The Women’s Island Cricket games see teams dressed in mother-hubbards and identifiyng with their village colours.

It will be a time when all ages ranging from young mums to grannies come to show their island cricket skills.

VCA’s Supervisor of Women’s Island Cricket Amelia Lawac told Daily Sports, “There are no sponsors involved in this competition. VCA’s WIC is organizing this competition because it is our duty to help safeguard our citizens against NCDs.

At the same time it enables local women from existing WIC teams to have an opportunity to come out of their kitchens and physically play in the island cricket competition.

The event’s Grand Finals is planned to take place on the week of “World Diabetes Day” which falls on 14th of November.

“I want to wish every team good luck in the NCDs Cup competition and enjoy the game with care.” READ MORE