Vanuatu Football Federation’s (VFF) Technical Director, Peter Tagaro, said team Vanuatu has his full support as the U-16 girls leave for the Oceania Federation Confederation (OFC) Championship in Tahiti.

The under-16 national women’s team left Port Vila yesterday morning.

16 youngsters and three coaches bear the national flag as they board the plane to represent the country at the month-long event according to OFC requirements to be at the venue three days before games commence.

Head Coach Nesta Moli who was accompanied by her two colleagues, Monica Meltenen and Joel Rarua said: “It wasn’t easy bringing these girls together for this journey. But as a coach, it is my responsibility to nurture them, invest, train, teach, and prepare the girls for this competition. It is their first international journey and many will be learning and adapting to Oceania football style. I believe the girls are ready for the challenge.”

Coach Nesta made these comments in a post on the Vanuatu Women’s Football Facebook page.

VFF Technical Director Tagaro said that he believed in the girls as his team and Vanuatu is trying to promote and empower women in sports, especially football.

“The team is made up of young players which means it is a very young team but the girls have our support. With the idea of empowering women we are hiring a new female coach which is coach Moli,” he said.

He continued on to say by 2024 -2025 there is a high chance that Vanuatu will have females leading national teams in international tournaments.

“I know women can do it just build up the confidence and that’s it,” he commented.

On the 13 games commence but Vanuatu athletes will find themselves ball kicking at either the Stade Fautaua or Stade Pater in Papeete to start off the games on the 17 of this month.

Vanuatu’s national U-16 women’s team is made up of 28 players but due to certain reasons, only the number mentioned earlier could take part in the internationally renowned champions league.