Director of Vanuatu Women Against Crime and Corruption (VWACC), Jenny Ligo, has called for “reform of the electoral system” and recommended for all political parties to agree to make it compulsory for all voters to agree to register their names with their political parties.


The outspoken niece of the late Grace Molisa says, such registrations would promote orderliness and discourage corruption, to ensure that all eligible candidates are approved according to the overall total number of members in the party in the area to contest.


“I disagree with political parties which reject university graduate professionals to contest under their flags, basically out of fear that their existing candidates would not win,” she said.


“When they advise them to contest as Independents and if they win then they can align with their parities, I totally disagree with them because the younger candidates are more qualified academically than they are, so they should leave the decision to the voters to decide who to vote for.


“Today more and more voters’ eyes are open and they recognise who to vote for this time around because they feel they have been misled for far too long by elderly former MPs.”


She is concerned that voting for a candidate on an independent ticket could increase the risk of losing, therefore losing a valuable vote because voters want to vote for a winner.