Wivim Nesen Tugeta (WNT) has launched a website to stimulate conversation about women’s leadership.

Both WNT and Further Arts are excited to be launching the project website www.wntvanuatu.org, as part of a Commonwealth Foundation initiative launched over a year ago.

The website showcases a selection of multimedia; including photography, radio drama and short film documentaries (coming soon). The multimedia productions were supported and informed by leadership workshops run in 3 provinces.

These activities are aimed at supporting and encouraging women in villages, communities, provinces and at national level, into leadership roles; as well as managing challenges they may face in those roles.

“Through these leadership life skills workshops, these women leaders within communities are able to find ways to deal with problems. Offering workshops like these gives women the best chance of solving their problems and getting to where they want to be in life as women leaders,” said Project Manager, Viviane Obed.

The radio drama and short film documentaries involved over a year-long production process that came with its own share of challenges and successes.

“While we had to quickly learn a lot of film and radio production in a short amount of time, I feel very lucky to be able to visit and talk to women in lots of communities in Vanuatu. And we’re really proud to be sharing some of those experiences with everyone on the website,” said Production Coordinator, Rebecca Job.