Police on Tanna have confirmed an incident that happened for the first time at the Lenakel Hospital maternity ward on Tanna that has endangered the life of an innocent newborn baby.

A police source on Tanna revealed that the incident involved the baby with his mother and the offender who is another woman who was fighting over the same man who fathered the newborn child and the two children of the offender.

“The offender entered the maternity ward in manner that no one suspected that she was up to something until she greeted the victim’s mother, the offender had intended to kill the baby because his father was her partner,” she alleged.

“The offender greeted the baby’s mother in a nice way that the mother thought everything was back to normal after settling their differences in church and the custom way, she was shocked when the other woman threw a big bottle of water at the baby and her on the bed.”

The police source said that the baby and his mother were asleep on the bed when the angry woman came targeting the mother and the baby who was the result of an affair between her partner and the baby’s mother.

There are also concerns that the mother of the attacker, who is a nurse, may allegedly be involved.

The police source said the victim’s mother now lives in fear mostly because the offender’s mother works at the hospital where the baby gets medical supplies from.

“This is the first time that this happened at the hospital and other mothers who went to deliver their babies are questioning if such incident will cause a threat to their babies or will the hospital put in place a regulation to target such cases of babies being born out of wedlock who are at risk of potential harm,” she said. READ MORE