This year marks the 16th year for the establishment of Women Against Crime and Corruption (WACC) in Vanuatu since 2008. Founded by Mrs. Jenny Ligo and two female expatriate who currently no longer reside in Vanuatu, WACC is an Advocate group for women who believe in themselves

“We developed WACC to be a voice to the voiceless,” said Mrs Ligo who is also the chairlady of the association, attributing it to the Bible Verse Proverbs 31: 8 and 9.

WACC is focused on Governance, Accountability and Transparency which involves Public Advocacy, Networking, and Community Outreach.

According to Mrs. Ligo, it was because of WACC’s petition to the government in 2008, that the government organised the National Crime Prevention Forum, and its outcome was the establishment of the National Crime Prevention Unit at the Vanuatu Police Force (VPF).

WACC has also set up a program known as the Heart to Heart Bag which began during cyclone Pam where they provide basic needs supplies to those affected, while waiting for government and donor partners to provide relief supplies.

Looking back, some of the main challenges WACC has faced as stated by Mrs. Ligo is that, it still does not have an office building due to lack of funding although it is recognised by the government, and the criticism WACC has received from those who perceive it as a threat.

During the anniversary celebration yesterday, WACC also received a VT50,000 cheque from one of its prominent sponsors, Mrs. Vanessa Molisa, who is the Advisor to the Speaker of the Parliament of Vanuatu.

Mrs. Molisa has been supporting WACC financially, since becoming a member in 2016. In an interview with the Vanuatu Daily Post, Mrs. Molisa expressed how she is always glad to support the association as she believes women needs to feel secure in exercising their rights.

According to her, women need to feel secure not just in their homes but also in their workplaces.